Reimagining the journey to pet happiness

A little love and care can keep your precious furry friend healthy and joyful! Your beloved companion counts on your love, and we’re here, hand in hand, to guide you through it all.

Wellness & Preventive Care

At Porter County Pet Clinic, we understand that your pet’s health and happiness are paramount. Our comprehensive Wellness & Preventive Care services are designed to ensure your furry companions enjoy a life of vitality and joy. From regular check-ups to tailored nutrition counseling, we offer a range of services to keep your pets healthy and thriving.

Wellness & Annual Exams

Our Wellness & Annual Exams provide a solid foundation for your pet's overall health. Through thorough physical examinations, we can detect any potential issues early and develop a personalized care plan. Regular check-ups are essential for maintaining optimal health and addressing concerns before they escalate. +


Vaccinations are a cornerstone of preventive care, shielding your pets from a variety of diseases. Our expert veterinarians will guide you through a tailored vaccination schedule, ensuring your pet receives the necessary immunizations to stay protected and resilient. +

Parasite Control

Parasites can pose a significant threat to your pet's health. Our Parasite Control services encompass preventive measures to combat internal and external parasites. We'll recommend appropriate treatments to keep your pet parasite-free and thriving. +

Flea Control

Fleas can make your pet uncomfortable and lead to various health issues. Our specialized Flea Control solutions ensure a flea-free environment for your beloved companion, promoting their well-being and comfort. +

Tick Control

Ticks not only annoy pets but can also transmit dangerous diseases. Our Ticks Control strategies safeguard your pet against these pesky parasites, allowing them to explore the world worry-free. +

Heartworm Control

Heartworm disease can be fatal, but it's preventable. Our Heartworm Control protocols provide essential protection against this potentially life-threatening condition, helping your pet maintain a healthy heart and an active life. +

Nutrition Counseling

Proper nutrition is fundamental to your pet's well-being. Our Nutrition Counseling services offer expert guidance on selecting the right diet for your pet's age, size, and unique needs, ensuring they receive the nourishment they deserve. +


Microchipping provides a sense of security by offering a reliable method of identifying lost pets. Our Microchipping service increases the chances of a happy reunion, allowing you and your pet to stay connected. +

Pain Management

Pets can experience pain due to various factors, and their comfort matters to us. Our Pain Management solutions prioritize your pet's comfort and quality of life, whether they're recovering from surgery, injury, or dealing with chronic conditions. +

Adult and Senior Wellness Programs

As pets age, their health needs change. Our Adult and Senior Wellness Programs are designed to address the unique requirements of different life stages. From maintaining vitality in adulthood to ensuring comfort in their golden years, we're dedicated to supporting your pet's journey. +

Puppy and Kitten Care

The early stages of life are crucial for your pet's development. Our Puppy and Kitten Care services provide comprehensive support, including vaccinations, nutritional guidance, and advice on training and socialization. +


Our in-house Pharmacy offers a convenient way to access prescribed medications, ensuring your pet's treatment is seamless and hassle-free. Our expert team will guide you on proper administration and answer any questions you may have. +